MSA UserSafetyNotice SLR

January 4, 2021

MSA has issued a User Safety Notice to inform you that they’ve received field reports of a limited number of Latchways Standard Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL) in which some internal bolts came loose. MSA has not received any reports of injuries associated with this condition. However, they are requesting that you perform the actions outlined in their notice.

Over time, the loose bolts will be identifiable by the user as extraction of the cable from the SRL housing will no longer be possible. However, MSA’s investigation has determined that this may be preceded by a window of time in which a fall may not be arrested.

Their investigation has determined that a small percentage of the part numbers in Table 1 that were manufactured between May 11 and December 3, 2020, may be affected.

MSA UserSafetyNotice Table1

MSA is advising all customers remove from service and return to MSA for rework any Latchways Standard SRL with a part number shown in Table 1 AND a manufacturing date from 05/2020 to and including 12/2020.

To view the full MSA User Safety Notice: Latchways Standard SRL Safety Notice

Credit: MSA