Leading Safely™ A HazTek Podcast

To Kick Off National Safety Month, HazTek’s Hosts and Guests Discuss Safety on “Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast”

MEDFORD, N.J., June 2, 2023 — HazTek Inc. has launched “Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast” — a new series dedicated to engaging with listeners through a diverse range of environmental, health, and safety topics. Podcast hosts Chris Bellina, HazTek’s Logistics Manager and Matt Clark, HazTek’s Operations Manager/Safety Professional, team up to tackle hot safety topics, interview experts in the safety industry, answer listener questions, and highlight opportunities for those in the safety field. The podcast is designed for all types of safety professionals, as well as for anyone interested in learning about safety in a new and interesting way.

What makes Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast unique is that Matt is a safety professional with years of in-the-field experience, while Chris, who is safety adjacent, does not have a safety background — together they both have compelling safety questions that we all want answered. It makes for a great dynamic and an interesting listen for people in the safety industry, people looking to get into the safety industry, and people who just want to learn more about safety in general.

HazTek’s team has a passion for safety which makes for great content that will help safety professionals everywhere be safer, healthier, and happier.

New episodes of Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast come out twice a month and can be found by clicking this link to the episodes: Leading Safely™ | A Haz Tek Podcast or through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Podcast Index, and anywhere you get your podcasts; find the show by searching for “Haz Tek” under “Podcasts.”

Listeners can also send in their health & safety questions or comments to podcast@haztekinc.com

two construction workers walking through a warehouse.

Episodes: Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast