Safety Consulting

Whether supporting your EH&S staff or serving as your Corporate Safety Department, our services are easily customized to fit any budget or suit any need. We offer a complete line of services, including Corporate & Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans, Project Audits, Industrial Hygiene Sampling, and Third-Party Prequalification Support (ISNetworld®*, Avetta, and BROWZ).

HazTek can guide you in best practices by bringing new – but proven – ideas from our wide range of experience across many industries and businesses. By understanding that keeping employees safe lowers our clients’ EMR and greatly reduces their workers’ comp rates, we can help you to avoid accidents, reduce risk, and shrink downtime. Our full range of consultants can provide complete risk assessments as well as expert safety culture advice.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the men and women in the field. Employers rely on their workers as much as employees rely on their companies. Accidents cost lives, time, money, and cause suffering and emotional toll.

Past cost of injuries and future chances of risk

Experience Modification Rate

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is a number used by insurance companies to gauge both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. The lower your company’s EMR, the lower your workers’ compensation insurance premiums will be; an EMR of 1.0 is considered the industry average.

If your business has an EMR greater than 1.0, it means your insurance provider has paid a workers’ compensation claim—and increased your premiums. The bad news is that this increased EMR sticks with you for three years.

Tabletop display of items used by safety consulting companies, including gloves, glasses, and laptop.

Our Safety Consulting Services Include:

Written Health and Safety Programs
Accident and Incident Investigations
Third-Party Prequalification Support
Industrial Hygiene Surveys
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Development
OSHA Representation and Mediation Support
Ergonomic Assessments
Respirator Fit Testing (Quantitative / Qualitative)

*HazTek LLC is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.