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Client and Team Testimonials

We take pride in every project that we work on for our clients. Below, you will find our clients’ thoughts on the work we do at HazTek and how our team of safety professionals helped their overall safety culture, making their projects a better environment for everyone. Having clear and open communication with our clients is of the utmost importance to us. Our safety professionals are getting feedback on their project sites on a regular basis because of this strong line of communication.

If you have worked with us and want to offer thoughts on our safety services and experiences with our team, we want to hear about it! Or, if you would like to read testimonials or references from a particular industry, reach out to us. You can contact us at 888-842-9835, or via email:

“The level of customer service that [your team leader] and his team provide to us is second to none! Their dedication to our account feels like a true partnership, and it’s the driver behind why HazTek is always the first safety management firm that comes to mind when a need arises for us!”

– Senior Construction Safety Program Manager, Confidential Client

“I want to thank you for your services and quick response with my changing schedule, [your team member] did an outstanding job with the training.

I have nothing but good feedback from the men. It was a pleasure dealing with HazTek and will certainly call you for our training needs in the future…”

– Project Manager
Industrial Electromechanical firm

“[Your team member] has demonstrated professionalism when interacting with the GC and subcontractors. He has a positive attitude towards promoting a safe environment. [Your team member’s] acumen, leadership characteristics, and dependability have enabled me to feel confident in the work that he does — even when I’m not around.”

– Assistant VP: EHS
Leading Global Personal Care Company

Haztek Inc. - Two construction safety consultants shaking hands while a third looks on with a smile.

"I wanted to share some very positive feedback...

“I wanted to share some very positive feedback we received at our last [team] (VPs who represent Make, R&D, and Commercial segments for [our team]) meeting.

[Our] General Manager in Commercial, commented on the exceptional professionalism of the contractors who have been supporting the [site] building renovation. He noted this was a very pleasant surprise since the contractors are working in an occupied office building and that there have been very few (none that he had heard of) complaints.

Congrats and please keep up the exceptional work of maintaining a professional, clean and safe working environment for all!”

– EHS Manager
Leading Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Technologies Corporation

“When there were meter issues on [our company’s power resource] site, [your team member] took it upon herself to reach out to [the Environmental Services firm] to get the meter running again without shutting down the project — which saved [us] and [our power company] a lot of time
and money.”

– Safety Director
Northeast Construction and Contracting Firm

“I truly appreciate your support and you are the best safety lead I’ve ever worked with. Your knowledge, expertise and connection to the contractorsis impeccable.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!”

– Director, Engineering & Property Services
Leading Global Pharmaceutical and Medical
Technologies Corporation

“Wanted to let you know that HazTek did a great job training [our] staff on Confined Space. Your trainer did an excellent job!!!!! I’m planning on doing another training — probably Fall Protection and Hazcom. Will let you know dates.

Once again, thanks.”

– Safety Director
One of the Nation’s Largest Construction
and Real Estate Development Firms

"[Today] marks 365 days since the last OSHA recordable injury...

“[Today] marks 365 days since the last OSHA recordable injury occurred on [our] site GES construction projects. In that time, we have worked 1,600,000 hours and EVERYONE went home the way they came in. We should all be proud, as our collective accomplishment continues to be truly remarkable.

“I wanted to thank our trades, EPCM partners, and GES teams with a special thanks to the trade foremen, EPCM superintendents, and all safety professionals for driving [our company’s] safety culture and making [our goal of zero injuries] a reality!”

– Director
Leading Multinational Pharmaceutical and Biotech Company

Haztek Inc. - Two professionals from a top safety consulting company working on site at sunset.

“I want to sincerely thank you [all] for your part in this project. Working through a global health crisis, weather extremities, and first-of-kind challenges, you did not waiver in your commitment to this project and to our company.

You worked hard this year to get us to this milestone while keeping safety at the forefront which has resulted in 0 recordables, a WPS of 0, and a TRIR of 0 year to date.”

– Construction Program Manager
Confidential Data Center Client

“[HazTek team member], you should teach future safety [people] how to effectively get their desired results without blame, attitude, or uncalled for remarks. You are one of the only safety men I have encountered in 35 years that I’ve had the utmost respect for. You have made an incredible impact on my life.

“Thank you, so much…”

– On-Site Craftsperson
Leading Global Pharmaceutical and Medical
Technologies Corporation

“Wanted to let you know that HazTek did a great job training [our] staff on Confined Space. Your trainer did an excellent job!!!!! I’m planning on doing another training — probably Fall Protection and Hazcom. Will let you know dates.

Once again, thanks.”

– Safety Director
One of the Nation’s Largest Construction
and Real Estate Development Firms

Close-up photo of Haztek Inc. construction safety consultant recording data on tablet.

"After performing an audit for a Construction Manager ...

“After performing an audit for a Construction Manager that [our company] is a trade partner with, [your team member] presented her findings that were electric-specific to our team. We were all impressed with how comprehensive the report was and the level of description [that she] provided to our diverse group of electricians.

“Many of the workers were so impressed with her style, being a coach and educator versus the typical safety person. [Your team member] made a strong and meaningful impact on the team, and we all look forward to seeing her and working with her on future projects.”

– Safety Director
Electrical Engineering and Data Center Design/Build Firm

“We identified that [your team member] was underutilized in the role that we had him in, so we moved him to a lead safety professional role on one of our projects here at [our client’s site]. He has done extremely well in managing the project in terms of safety for our personnel. He has implemented safety management practices on site to make things more organized and efficient.

[Your team member] has turned around JSAs in a timely manner for client review and contractor use, collaborated with project teams on upcoming work to identify safe methods, contributed in program meetings, and been flexible with his schedule to meet the project demands.”

– Regional EHS Manager
Global Complex Facilities Services Company

“Your response is another example of the high level of customer service that you and your team have provided to us.

Your team’s rapid response and assistance with our recent project was another example of that. We are looking forward to our continued partnership…”

– Senior Manager, Construction Project Safety
Confidential Client

“[Your team member] has done a fantastic job and we want to thank you both for putting him on this project and assisting with [the client] and their safety/risk management.”

– Business Unit Safety Director
Leading International Construction Services Company

“[Your team member] continues to grow into this Safety Manager role. We had a very successful [year] and, while it was a team effort, [he] really put the safety program on his back and carried it along. I’d like to see him recognized for his efforts.”

– Director, Engineering
Leading Multinational Pharmaceutical and Biotech Company

“I knew you would be prepared and that you were planning this scope a few months out. Thank you for helping all of the jobs at our [state] location become some of the best we have in the U.S.”

– Senior Regional EHS Manager
Confidential Data Center Client

“I want to point out the success of [your team member] and our own team in addressing the Health Risk Assessment factor involved with our project work.

It was our team tenacity and safety process that prevented another company from proceeding with work on our site without having their safety pre-planning
done properly.

Great work!”

– Program Manager
Confidential Client

“I just wanted to take a moment to inform you of how much this [company’s] team appreciates all of [your team member’s] efforts this past year. This project has been an extremely difficult, fast-paced contract with owners that have challenged us every step of the way. From his first day on site, [your team member] has stepped up to the plate to help safety efforts run smoothly and successfully. He has exceeded expectations from being a safety assistant, to leading major senior-level site safety efforts.

He is always eager to take over high-level safety administration tasks from orientations, site specific training, managing JHAs, PTPs, work permits, and crane and rigging plans to leading safety discussions in safety manager meetings and [our] team and owner’s meetings. His leadership, competence, and dedication have earned my trust enough to allow me to focus my attention other project safety needs without compromising safety on the [site] project.”

– Safety Manager
International Advanced Technology, Life Sciences, and Commercial Design/Build Construction Firm