Creating a sustainable future in the safest way

Renewable Energy

HazTek’s team of safety experts work with clients in the Renewable Energy space to create a sustainable future in the safest way possible. Wind and solar energy offer many advantages but building energy farms that utilize Renewable Energy technology requires a lot of personnel and safety expertise. Knowing the many potential safety risks and site challenges of the industry, HazTek offers comprehensive safety services in the wind and solar energy sectors.

The HazTek Advantage | Benefits for the Renewable Energy Sector

– Dedicated team of safety professionals with backgrounds in the Renewable Energy realm
– We can furnish full-time Operations Managers to ensure quality service and personnel management support for field staff and clients
– HazTek is not a staffing agency, our team is comprised of full-time safety employees, who are loyal, reliable, and highly-skilled
– International companies can have peace of mind knowing that our expert safety professionals and extensive local resources will make their projects run smoothly and safely
– We have a broad array of experience working in remote areas and understand the inherent dangers that often arise
– Ability to mobilize personnel and deliver them to projects quickly, ramping up or scaling back projects, if necessary
– We offer a customized onboarding program that is designed to swiftly align our safety consultants with client processes
– Our HazTek personnel receive continuous Professional Development and Renewable Energy-specific training
– We provide ongoing education on Renewable Energy safety best practices

Familiar with challenges that occur daily

Giving Our Clients Peace of Mind

We are dedicated to helping the Renewable Energy industry to be safe by providing construction safety plans, on-site safety officers, environmental services, and valuable training that is taught by our safety professionals. Our expert team of safety professionals has experience working in the Renewable Energy sector all over the country, and beyond, so they are very familiar with the challenges that occur daily, giving our clients peace of mind.

Two renewable energy safety professionals working on a laptop outdoors.


Manufacturing Renewable Energy products and building technology both safely and efficiently can be difficult >>

Staying on budget when more workers are needed, corporate safety plans require additional PPE, and projects turn out to be more complex than expected >>

Lack of resources to manage a project safely in a geographic area >>

American safety standards require specific knowledge and oversight >>


Our diverse team of expert safety professionals are knowledgeable in the Renewable Energy sector and have decades of experience in many related industries

HazTek works within clients’ budgets to make sure that our services will have maximum impact where they are needed most

With employees all over the country, we can get safety professionals onto your site quickly and without interruption to your schedule

HazTek provides gap assessments to seamlessly translate the safety measures from the European market to American standards — and vice versa