Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast
Steven Rank | Safety Standards vs. Safety Compliance Directives
November 1, 2023
Steven Rank, Executive Director of Safety & Health for the Ironworkers International, joins Chris Bellina and Matt Clark on Episode 14 of our podcast.

Steven has years of experience as an ironworker and is a member of Iron Workers Local #10 in Kansas City, Missouri. During the episode, Steven discusses the difference between safety standards vs. safety compliance directives. He explains that safety standards are written laws while safety compliance directives are letters about how to interpret these laws. He warns safety professionals to use caution when receiving these letters since they are not legally binding — and the interpretation can be wrong — causing safety issues that can lead to accidents.

Steven shares firsthand accounts of issues that he and his team encountered after receiving safety compliance directives. Steven also talks with Matt and Chris about strategies that safety professionals can utilize when they receive safety compliance directives that do not follow safety standards. Steven encourages everyone to always follow the safety standard — and offers tips on how to do so when a supervisor or member of leadership wants to use the compliance directive instead.