Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast
Robert Smith | The Human Connection in Safety
June 1, 2023
Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast recently welcomed Robert Smith to the show. Robert is Director of Environmental Health & Safety for Prime Data Centers and a highly motivated, goal-oriented, and strategic-driven EHS professional with 11 years of experience in the safety industry. His expertise and excellent storytelling make him an interesting and informative guest for our second episode.

During the episode, our co-hosts, Chris Bellina and Matt Clark, discuss the concept of human connection in the safety industry with Robert — and how that connection can make such a difference on a work site. Robert also goes on to highlight the importance of leadership getting to know their employees on a deeper level, and how that connection can lead to many benefits — including a better company culture and an environment that creates happier, healthier, and safer workers.