Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast
Lance Simons | How to Measure Safety Effectively
December 1, 2023
Lance Simons, Vice President of Safety & Quality for the Haskell Company, joins Chris Bellina and Matt Clark on Episode 16 of our podcast.

During the discussion, Lance Simons, VP of Safety & Quality for Haskell, educates our listeners on effective safety metric systems. He explains that there are two sets of numbers that companies use when tracking safety metrics — OSHA recordable incidents and a safety metric system from the client’s vantage point.

Lance goes on to clarify that the OSHA recordable incident data can be skewed since it exclusively includes data from the individual company without considering other companies working on the project. Due to this, the data may show that no safety incidents have happened on these construction sites when that is most likely not the case. By using a safety metric system from the client’s vantage point — which includes data from every subcontractor and employee working on the site — the client receives an accurate report of their overall site safety. For anyone interested in implementing this safety metric system, Lance provides advice for getting started.

Lance also discusses how being transparent about safety is so important. When companies are completely forthcoming about their safety issues, their employees feel comfortable to come forward with any safety concerns. This is a very educational episode that our listeners won’t want to miss.