Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast
James Beasley | Effective Pre-Task Planning on Construction Sites
March 1, 2024
James Beasley, HazTek Senior Safety Manager, discusses a topic he calls “embracing the premortem” on construction sites. James coined this term because having effective pre-task planning and job hazard analyses prevents accidents and injuries — so there no longer needs to be an investigation after the fact on what went wrong. He goes into detail on what a job hazard analysis (JHA) is and the proper steps to take when performing this technique. James also offers tips for safety professionals on how to keep teams engaged and interested in safety best practices.

Additionally, James, Chris, and Matt discuss challenges that safety professionals face during pre-task planning meetings — the main challenge being creating buy in from all levels of the organization. James has years of experience in the safety industry and has learned many valuable best practices that he shares with our audience, making this an incredibly insightful episode.