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David Myrick | Solving the Worker Shortage for the Construction Industry
October 1, 2023
Senior Director of Field Strategy & EHS for Cooper Electrical David Myrick joins Chris Bellina and Matt Clark on Episode 12 of our podcast.

David has worked for Cooper Electrical Construction Company for 10 years and started at the company as the Senior Director for Corporate Safety before transitioning to his current role in May of 2022. During this episode, David discusses the skilled worker shortage in the construction industry and offers his thoughts on when this shortage started and the reasons behind it. He provides strategies for remedying this issue — including giving workers who are not as experienced the chance to learn from veteran employees.

David also talks with Chris and Matt about the generational differences in the workforce and how each generation values working. This episode is a valuable listen for people at all levels in the construction and safety industries to David’s extensive experience in these fields.