Leading Safely™ | A HazTek Podcast
Alex Willis | Diversity & Inclusion in the Safety Industry
June 1, 2023
Our first guest is former NFL player and CEO of Leadership Surge, Alex Willis! Leadership Surge is a growing force in corporate training and development with a particular focus in the construction and subcontracting trade industries. As the CEO of Leadership Surge, Alex provides a leadership development program that trains employees in the Trades Industry to become exceptional leaders by focusing on areas such as diversity and Inclusion, effective communication, performance coaching, work-life balance, stress management, generational leadership, critical thinking, and time management.

During the episode, our co-hosts, Chris Bellina and Matt Clark, discuss diversity and inclusion in the safety industry with Alex — who brings a fresh and interesting perspective on the topic. Alex is a dynamic and interesting speaker and has fantastic insight on challenging how we think about diversity and inclusion.