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HazTek is a professional safety services organization that specializes in a full range of custom health and safety consulting services and training for our diverse client base. HazTek will partner with your company to provide personnel, resources, expertise, management, and support.

HazTek LLC was founded in 1997 and has grown to become a well-respected national and international consulting firm, offering a comprehensive range of professional services and employing a reliable field staff of over 325 safety professionals with diverse levels of expertise — including several CIH specialists. Our management systems, field support, and training services are designed to enhance workplace safety while contributing to a strong safety culture.

Reliable, full-time safety professionals

Maintaining Coverage Efficiently + Effectively

By maintaining a reliable team of full-time safety professionals, we are flexible and can respond quickly with more access to resources. Switching a safety person out of a job can be difficult, but we cross-train our employees to maintain coverage efficiently and effectively.

We are here to support a company’s existing EH&S staff or serve as an entire corporate safety department. No matter what industry sector or level of need, we can help you meet deadlines and stay competitive. As a reputable organization with a superior dedication to the health and safety of our employees, workers, clients, and worksites, we only recommend actions that we truly believe will be beneficial to our customers.

Haztek safety company office location lined with grass and trees.
Three certified safety professionals wearing orange vests and hard hats at job site.

Our industry expertise is all in house

Access to Experienced, Certified Professionals

We are known for our professional consulting services and premium safety training and we are trusted for our effectiveness in keeping workers safe today – so employees and businesses will be here tomorrow. As an independent environmental health and safety consulting firm dedicated to workplace safety, HazTek’s mission is to enrich the health, safety, and well-being of their employees, their customers, and their communities from on-site accidents through a combination of education, guidance, motivation, and positive reinforcement.

Because our industry expertise is all in house, our team is extremely knowledgeable in safety practices, enabling us to manage any project regardless of its size or scope. When you request our services, you have direct access to experienced, certified professionals who possess a full spectrum of capabilities, including a thorough understanding of construction safety.

Bringing insightful advice and solutions

Our Subject Matter Experts

With extensive experience and industry certifications, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring insightful advice and solutions to all types of projects, programs, policies, and sites… no matter how complex. If you’re not sure what kind of Subject Matter Expert would best fit your needs, just contact us and we can give advice and provide you with options.

SME Areas of Expertise

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Contractor Safety Management


If you are an Owner who wants to significantly improve your contractor safety performance, HazTek can evaluate your current program, identify gaps, and provide innovative elements to drive excellence in contractor safety performance.

If you are a Contractor who wants to create a top-performing safety culture and program that can deliver consistent results, HazTek can help to provide the solutions you are looking for… fast.

Contractor Safety Management Expertise Includes:

  • Developing Owner Specifications for Contractor Safety
  • Evaluating Contractor Safety Programs and Proposals
  • Contractor Safety Orientation and Training
  • Creating, Tracking, and Evaluating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Leading Indicators
  • Continuous Improvement Evaluations and Assessments of Active Contractor Safety Programs
  • Contractor Safety Culture Assessments
  • Safety Promotion and Recognition Programs
  • Safety Staff Evaluation and Assessment
Cranes / Rigging / MSHA


HazTek is a valuable resource for support in crane operator certification, critical lift plan development and review, and equipment inspections. With Crane Institute of America (CIA) certification, we are highly qualified to teach crane rigging and signalperson classes throughout the U.S. — our classes meet stringent OSHA training requirements for New York City and Philadelphia.

In addition, we can provide MSHA-required qualified heavy equipment training and evaluation to clients such as specialty gas producers and companies involved in natural gas drilling and downstream operations. HazTek can work with you to create solutions that meet your company’s needs.

Construction, Industrial, and Mineral Processing Industry Expertise Includes:

  • Crane Use and Customized Certified Crane Operator Training
  • Critical Lift Planning and Review 
  • Crane Rigging and Signalperson Training
  • Heavy Equipment Operations and Safety Training
  • High Steel Erection
  • Milling and Material Processing Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • MSHA Open Pit Mining and Quarry Miner Training
  • MSHA Heavy Equipment Qualified Operator Training
  • Training for Precious Metals Processors
  • Emergency Response Operations and First Aid / CPR / AED Advanced Rescue Training — Meeting MSHA-Specific Criteria
Crystalline Silica


In 2016, significant changes to OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard left many companies out of compliance with OSHA’s more stringent requirements. Our Subject Matter Experts will help assure that your company complies with OSHA’s stricter regulations for respirable crystalline silica.

If your workers have the potential for exposure to respirable crystalline silica from materials in their work environment — and risk the development of serious diseases related to silica exposure — HazTek can help you develop a customized program to protect them from exposure.

HazTek can assist your company in developing a comprehensive respirable crystalline silica program, including the following required components:

  • Silica Exposure Sampling and Assessments
  • Written Exposure Control Plans
  • Training for Competent Persons
  • Respirator Fit Testing and Respiratory Protection Training
  • Worker Awareness Training
  • Consulting on Exposure Control Methods
  • Medical Surveillance Requirements
  • Recordkeeping
Environmental Health


HazTek is a valuable resource for assisting companies and organizations in complying with state and federal regulations for asbestos, lead, and silica, including EPA and OSHA. We are also skilled in writing health and safety programs for publicly-funded grants. If your business is faced with questions about asbestos, lead, or silica exposure to workers, we can provide expert advice on the complicated federal and state regulations to help keep your employees safe.

Asbestos, Lead, and Silica Expertise Includes:

  • EPA’s Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Awareness Training
  • AHERA Asbestos Operations and Maintenance
  • AHERA Asbestos Building Inspector and Management Planner
  • Asbestos Project Monitoring
  • Lead Inspector / Lead Risk Assessor
  • EPA Authorized Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Lead-Safe Work Practices Certification Training
  • Silica Competent Person and Awareness Training
  • Asbestos, Lead, and Silica Exposure Air Sampling and Analysis
  • Respirator Fit Testing and Respiratory Protection Training
  • Design of Hazmat Decontamination Facilities
Fall Protection


HazTek’s Fall Protection Subject Matter Expert is a valuable resource for fall protection training, program reviews, program development, and equipment inspections.

If you’re faced with an unusual or complicated situation, or wish to consider a customized system, HazTek can provide expert advice on system design, engineering services, system procurement assistance, implementation, project management, installation supervision and coordination, inspection, testing, certification, and bid document preparation.

Fall Protection Expertise Includes:

  • Fall Protection System Design and Application, Creation of Solutions, and Customized Training
  • Rescue From Heights and Confined Space Rescue 
  • Program Review and Development  
  • Hazard Risk/Access Assessments, Inspections, and Solution Proposals/Reports 
  • Site Assessments, Project Specifications, and Project Management
  • Horizontal Lifelines (Analysis, Design, and Application of Systems, Including Documentation and Testing Review)
  • Application and Use of Mobile Fall Protection Carts and Freestanding (Non-Penetrating) Anchor Points
  • Anchor Point Recommendations, Design, Planning, and Testing
  • Trauma Suspension/Physiological Effects of Falls, Self-Rescue, and Assisted Rescue Options
  • Elevated Awareness Training for Competent Persons, Contractors, and Facility Managers/Owners 
  • Freestanding Guardrail Systems (Application, Design/Layout, Configuration, and Specifications)
  • Access Solutions Such as Fixed Ladders, Cross-Overs, Ships Ladders, Alternating Stairs, and Platforms
  • OSHA, ANSI, and IBC Standards
Health and Safety Management Systems


As Subject Matter Experts in Health and Safety Management Systems, HazTek is a valuable resource for risk assessment and the planning, development, and implementation of safety procedures that improve safety culture and lower costs.

HazTek can analyze your current safety processes and provide expert advice on new procedures that can result in reduced workers’ compensation insurance costs, lower medical expenditures, increased productivity, and improved labor and management relations. We can also develop standardized orientation processes that include training and comprehension testing.

Health and Safety Management Systems Expertise Includes:

  • Safety Management System (SMS) Development & Maintenance
  • Contractor Orientation Programs for Global Companies
  • Application of Lean Six Sigma Methodologies
  • Management and Coordination of Third-Party Verification Services Such as ISNet and Avetta
  • Development of Site Specific Health and Safety Plans, Corporate Health and Safety Plans, and Job Safety Analyses/Job Hazard Analyses
  • Training and Training Systems for Employees and Contractors, Record Keeping, and Documentation Guidance
  • Risk Assessment of Tasks — Including High-Risk Activities
  • Workplace Audits, Inspections, and OSHA Log Preparation
Safety professional wearing orange vest and hard hat while surveying work in progress.
Two certified safety professionals working on location with sun on the horizon.

Getting your employees home safely

It’s About Lives

The health, safety, and well-being of employees and companies is our highest priority. Anyone can prepare for planned events – but HazTek can help prepare for unplanned events. We have developed a reliable network so that we are able to respond rapidly and expertly — even before potential threats to worker health and worksites arise. Our focus will always be on keeping your site safe and getting your employees home safely.

Every worksite has its own unique safety and health hazards related to location, environment, and the type of work being performed, which is why we offer full-time, on-site project safety managers, safety audits and assessments, OSHA compliance consulting, and safety training. HazTek has managed worksite safety and health for many of the nation’s largest and most respected construction management firms and general contractors and we use our extensive industry knowledge and unsurpassed expertise to deliver what is expected, when it is expected.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the men and women in the field. Selecting HazTek is the safest decision that you can make.