By Steve Jones, Managing Partner, HazTek Safety Management

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The introduction of the novel coronavirus and the threat of contracting COVID-19 has introduced an unfamiliar hazard to America’s construction industry and to its workforce. In construction, we’re very adept at controlling physical injuries and visible incidents with highly developed policies, procedures, and training programs. However, the novel coronavirus has presented us with an unfamiliar hazard that is challenging, even to our most experienced construction safety professionals. The mere presence of this invisible threat — let alone its rapid ascent to the number one hazard on most job sites — has led to uncertainty, concern, confusion, and even fear among workers. It has left many safety professionals wondering whether they’re doing everything they can to keep people healthy and safe.

So, what’s changed? Why has the coronavirus and the threat of COVID-19 thrown the construction industry for a loop?
The answer is simple. The coronavirus has thrust the threat of illness into the construction environment. It’s a biological hazard that, if not properly controlled, can bring on an acute, potentially fatal illness to those affected by COVID-19. Addressing biological hazards and preventing occupational illnesses is decidedly unfamiliar to most construction safety professionals — individuals who are highly skilled at preventing injuries but may be inexperienced at preventing illnesses.

Fortunately, HazTek is uniquely qualified to help control and respond to this new hazard. In fact, it’s part of our DNA.
HazTek’s foundation is based on our expertise in managing health and safety on environmental remediation and hazardous waste sites. Acute illnesses caused by biological hazards on these sites is often the primary concern, followed by physical hazards and ultimately chronic illnesses from long-term exposure. HazTek’s expertise in preventing illnesses (as well as injuries) is one of the primary reasons we stand out as uniquely qualified to comfortably address this unusual hazard.

By employing the same biological hazard control principles that we are accustomed to on environmental sites, HazTek can calmly and confidently address the threat of coronavirus, ensuring your workforce stays safe and healthy throughout the lifespan of this pandemic.

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