HazTek Receives a Governor’s Safety Award

HazTek Inc. has been honored with a Governor’s Continued Excellence Safety Award at the 88th Annual Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health Awards. The award, “In Recognition of Continued Excellence in Working Safely,” is presented to a company or facility that has participated in the program for five or more consecutive calendar years without lost time from a work-related injury or illness. The recipients must have previously received the Governor’s Award.

HazTek Governor Award 2016

Since its inception in 1927, this program has played an important role in promoting a safer and healthier workplace. It is open to all places of employment, public and private, regardless of size, and is sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the New Jersey State Industrial Safety Committee, and the New Jersey State Safety Council.

HazTek is thrilled to report that our 968,683 “hours without lost-time injury” has exceeded the committee’s criteria for qualification. What is particularly poignant is this award reflects a culture of safety and wellness that extends to so many, from job sites to individual workers. There is no question that this award has been earned through the hard work of all the dedicated, conscientious, and skilled professionals whom we are proud to call HazTek employees.

Pictured here (beginning second from left) are HazTek representatives Ken Gollon, Ken Wittkop, Bob Sauselein, and Steve Jones accepting the Governor’s Award