HazTek is one of the largest and most experienced occupational health and safety consulting firms in the Northeast. The company offers a wide variety of services to commercial clients of all sizes, primarily companies involved in construction or manufacturing.

Although competitors offer some of the same services as HazTek, very few offer such a wide range of construction safety and general safety consulting, training and support with such deep expertise at fair prices.


HazTek can provide a myriad of services to help companies build successful safety cultures throughout their organizations. Company leaders have so many critical things to focus on – and safety requires undivided attention and expertise. HazTek’s executive-level, safety management service professionals can perform safety assessments, provide audits, oversee investigations, develop action plans, support your safety committees, and coach your management personnel on all aspects of a strong safety culture.

When senior management demonstrates an unwavering commitment to safety, that enthusiasm will extend throughout the company – to individuals and teams who will be even more motivated to implement safety procedures into their day-to-day activities. A successful safety culture also shows employees that the company they work for genuinely cares about their health and well-being.

Multi-Level Safety Resources

With our knowledge of safety and detailed feedback on ways to improve your safety structure, HazTek can come in as a resource to your management team and can assess your programs and policies to help discover any gaps in safety. We can also help to develop and facilitate your safety committee meetings within your organization. You run your meeting, but we are on hand to advise and offer solutions along the way.

Case Management Services

HazTek can investigate your case and tell if it is a recordable injury – and if it needs to be reported to workers comp. Our OSHA Recordkeeping and Case Management Services provide accurate advice on what goes into your OSHA log – and what does not. Our Accident Investigation services provide root cause analysis and a comprehensive action plan to reduce and eliminate those hazards and injuries in the future… while helping to protect your reputation.

Our Corporate Safety Management Services Include:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Culture Assessments (Corporate & Project)
  • Action Plans
  • Safety Committees
  • Best Practices
  • Supervisor Training
  • Case Management
  • Accident Investigation

For HazTek’s entire list of services, please visit our Services Page


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