Saving Lives, Injuries, and Costs: ion


HazTek can guide your company's “safety culture” in ways that lower risk, enhance morale, increase employee involvement and save money in the long run.

ion is a proprietary program, customized to each customer’s business, that creates a culture of safety by involving employees at every level. It builds teamwork, increases morale, reduces accidents, and thus lowers many personal and financial costs.

Plus, ion becomes more efficient over time, giving businesses a choice on how much they want to handle in-house or to outsource.

What are the benefits?

  • Fewer accidents and injuries
  • Significant savings on workers’ compensation
  • An engaged workforce with high morale
  • Better planning and estimating
  • Increasing profits on jobs by coming in well below budget
  • Ability to bid and win larger, more profitable jobs
  • Less exposure to fines from regulatory agencies
  • Reduced risk of litigation

ion offers real, measurable benefits. Make us prove it.

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