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HazTek partners with companies to eliminate accidents and create a culture of safety that reduces costs related to accidents and project delays while improving employee productivity and morale. HazTek will match the right experience to your job, enabling you to manage costs while we manage your health and safety. 
By having so many professionals on our team who are working with so many different types of customers, we’ve developed a keen understanding for the needs and expectations of various sectors of industry.

From big companies to small operations, we adjust to fit your requirements. We know safety from all angles and are skilled in applying lessons learned in diverse applications to the specifics of your project. With over 80 service offerings, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of safety expertise, including:

Site Safety Managers

Since your greatest risk of accidents and injuries exists at the project level, HazTek’s Site Safety Managers and on-site safety services will have maximum impact where you need them most.

To learn more, please visit our Site Safety Managers page

Safety & OSHA Training

HazTek provides training programs specifically designed for your project’s 
demands while helping you to meet mandatory requirements.

To learn more, please visit our Safety & OSHA Training page

Safety Consulting

Whether supporting your EH&S staff or serving as your Corporate Safety 
Department, our services are easily customized to fit any budget or suit any need.

To learn more, please visit our Safety Consulting page

Corporate Safety Management

HazTek offers a myriad of services to help companies build successful safety cultures throughout their organizations.

To learn more, please visit our Corporate Safety Management page


Accident and Incident Investigations
Accident Prevention Plans
Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)
Administrative Program Review and Field Inspections
Asbestos / Lead (Inspections / Plans / Monitoring)
Asbestos and Lead Containment Monitoring
Asbestos Maintenance Plan
Bloodborne Pathogens (Plans / Audits)
Certified Safety Professionals
Certified Industrial Hygienists    
Chemical Exposure Monitoring / Sampling
Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Services
Confined Space Attendant & Rescue Services
Confined Spaces (Evaluations / Plans / Permits / Audits)
Contractor Risk Portfolios
Contractor Safety Management
Contractor Safety Management Professionals (Owner’s Reps)
Corporate & Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans
Culture Assessments (Corporate & Project)
Customized Supervisor Training
Development of Written Contractor Safety Programs, Policies, and Procedures
DOT and Fleet Management
EH&S Compliance Audits
Equipment Inspections
Ergonomic Evaluations
Emergency Preparedness (Drills / Plans / Audits / Training)
Emergency Response Plans
Exposure Assessments
Exposure Control Methods
Full-Time Project Safety Managers
Hazard Communication (Plans / Audits / MSDS / Labeling)
Health and Safety Officers
Heat Stress Monitoring
Incident / Accident Investigation
Incident Case Management
Indoor Air Quality Assessments
Industrial Hygiene Surveys
Industrial Hygiene Technicians
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Preparation and Review
Lead Compliance Plan
Life Safety / EAP’s / Continuity & Contingency Plans
Lift Plan Review
Management of Subcontractor Safety Representatives
Mold Inspections & Remedial Action Plans
Noise Monitoring
On-Site Safety Management
OSHA Inspections / Citation Assistance
OSHA Mediation / Litigation Support
OSHA Recordkeeping
OSHA VPP Consulting
Perimeter Monitoring / Community Air Monitoring Plans (CAMP)
Personal and Area Sampling
Personal Protective Equipment Assessments
Preconstruction Meetings
Process Safety Management (Plans / PHA’s / Audits)
Project Safety Audits / Inspections
Project Safety Managers & Technicians
Qualification Programs  
Quality Control Managers
Respirator Fit Testing (Quantitative / Qualitative)
Respiratory Protection (Assessments / Plans)
Safety Committee Facilitation
Safety Consulting
Safety Leadership Assessments
Safety Management / Consulting
Safety Orientation Programs
Safety Program Analysis (Gap Analysis)
Safety Training
Silica and Respirable Dust Exposure Monitoring
Site Health and Safety Officers
Site Safety Assessments
Sound Level Surveys and Noise Dosimetry
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans
Spot Inspections
Subcontractor Prequalification
Subcontractor Safety Representation
Third-Party Prequalification Support (*ISNetworld®, Avetta, BROWZ)
Toolbox Talks
Trenching and Excavation Inspections & Competent Person
Ventilation Studies / Monitoring
Weekly Safety Meetings

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