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HazTek Fosters Safety by Orchestrating Deliveries

  • Client/Project: Binsky & Snyder for NJPHEAL
  • Service: Site Safety Coordinator
  • Term of Contract: June 2009 to December 2009
  • Location: Trenton, N.J.


A contractor needed a partner to manage safety compliance at the construction site of a five-story, high-tech building, which had tight space constrictions and stringent safety requirements from both OSHA and the New Jersey Building Authority (NJBA). Limited space and multiple contractors in close proximity created a high-risk area, with the situation further complicated by new safety procedures requested by the owner.


To address the number of contractors working in close quarters, HazTek organized the site to improve efficiency and safety procedures. HazTek coordinated delivery of all materials and implemented daily permitting. This practice ensured that workmen, equipment and materials were only allowed on-site as needed, and it freed foremen and project managers to focus on their work. HazTek also developed a procedure for recording and tracking all hazardous energy control procedure (HECP) work that was performed.

In addition, HazTek partnered with site managers to educate the respective teams on new safety procedures. This approach resulted in a high compliance rate among site workers.


HazTek streamlined site compliance and safety, which increased worker cooperation and compliance. As a result, the site had a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.00, which improved overall productivity and kept the project within budget and on schedule. The client praised the HazTek representative for his knowledge and expertise, as well as his ability to interact with the customer, the state representative and field personnel.